Monday, June 1, 2015

May 25th

Can you believe I have been gone for 2 months already!! its so crazy!!! it really only feels like 2 weeks! People werent kidding when they told me that the mission passes by really quickly!!! haha i love being a missionary!! I love Argentina!! I just am loving life!!! I have learned that just be happy through it all!!! Just the overall lesson for the mission because missionary work is fun!! Its hard work but it is fun!!! Nobody told me that it was fun! I just heard that its hard and so worth it but i have leared that it is so much fun!!! 
This week has really been a true roller coaster ride! haha We had the best week and the worst week all at the same time! Its like taking all the emotions one could think of and smash them all into the week! It has been a week of learning many lessons!
Lesson number 1:
The flu shot that they give in the US means absolutly nothing tp the flu down here! Haha on Wednesday i woke up with a bad sore throat and thought i had just gotten a cold or something then came thursday... I woke up after a night of absolutly freezing! haha I had a temp of about 102! Needless to say i felt like i got hit by a train! haha we got permission from the mission nurse to stay in the pension to let me sleep because if you dont get permission from the mission nurse to stay inside you dont! haha anyway we got permission and i slept from about 7 till 11:30 and then was awake from 11:30 to 12 for the only purpose to walk to the chapel so i could recieve a blessing from our elders that live kind of close to our area. then went back asleep until like 5:30 or so! haha i was just wiped out! It was just an interesting day!
Lesson number 2: 
The people here are the nicest people you will seriously ever meet!!! While i was sick my companion called our investigator Jesica (The one that got baptized on Saturday) to tell her we wouldnt be able to meet with her today and she was totally fine with it and then asked if there was anything they could bring us and that they are more than willing to serve! It was awesome!!! 
Also w have this one family that we go visit, the no longer come to church they are members but the dad started drinking again and they just stopped coming. Because of him drinking they are like dirt poor! They have no money whatsoever! The mom was telling us how she is going to make something called papas fritas which is basically like fry bread and how that is going to have to last them for the next week because they dont have money to get groceries and they are going to go to the dad´s brothers place who grows oranges and pick some so she can make marmelade and that is what their family is going to eat for the next week. Anyway, even though this lady has NOTHING she gives us this jar of orange marmelade that she made!!! She has no reason to give it to us yet she does happily and so willingly!!!
 Its insane how nice the people are here!!! Then we also were given Asado today!!! because its basically Argentina´s 4th of July today and its just a huge celebration! Asado is the best!!!!! oh my goodness Argentine people really know how to bring out the natural flavors of the food and make absolutly EVERYTHING taste amazing!!! haha so we had this family that gave us Asado and Asado here is SUPER Expensive!!!! SUPER!!! And right now Argentina is going through a depression where there isnt very many jobs and so most of the people we visit dont have jobs and money is super tight but this family was willing to give us everything that they have and they want us to come over again a couple more times this week so that the mom can make empanadas for us!! We just have the best people here!! 
Lesson number 3:
Baptisms are so stressful but so worth it!!! We had a baptism on Saturday! the first stressful thing was that every place that we went to try to make copies was either closed or broken!!! haha we tried like 7 different places before we found one that was open and wasnt broken!!! it was a miracle another miracle that we had was that the church had hot water!!!!! That was amazing to find out because we were thinking and even planning on having to fill up the font by buckets of hot water!!! So when we found out that we were going to have hot water it was amazing!!! Also the church here only has two different outfits for women to be baptized one tiny jumpsuit and a HUGE dress made out of two huge towels sown together with arm holes and a head hole cut out and we were just really worrying about it because the jumpsuit wouldnt fit and the other one was too big!! But the Family Rohrmann came to our rescue by giving Jesica a dress to wear that was just right!! We just witnessed so many miracles this week that made me realize that if we trust in our Heavenly Father everything is going to be okay!! :)
I have been asked about the weather and really the weather here is just super humid and typical fall weather for washington!! just more intense because of the humidity!!  hahaha 
Well that was my week! I hope all is well with everyone its great to see pictures and hear that everyone is doing well!!! I love you all! ¡Tenga un buena semana! 
Hermana Armstrong
The Church is True!! 

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