Monday, June 1, 2015

May 18th


Well this week i have been learning on how to be patient with myself. Its hard to leave behind english and pick up a new language but slowly and surely i know that i will be able to pick up spanish soon! 

This week was so great! We were able to watch the dedication of the temple in Cordoba! That was such an awesome experience! President Uctdorf was able to come and dedicate the temple! Also Elder Christofferson came and spoke too! I had no idea that he served his mission in Argentina too! They both had really good talks about the importance of temples here! A good quote that President Uctdorf had was "Always walk before God with All your heart"A few other people spoke as well but i didnt pick out a lot since it was all in spanish. That really was hard for me because i knew that what they were saying was important but i just couldnt get what they were saying! but It will come soon enough! You really just have to keep your head up and dont dwell too much on the fact that you cant understand! But it is coming, everyday i notice that i can pick up more words than i could a week ago or even the other day! 

I have also noticed the importance of working hard but the need to have fun! My companion is the best! We are just able to work well and laugh together! Which is so nice because there are just some days where you just need a good laugh! haha for example by our like appartment plaza there are a ton of smokers and one of our neighbors is pretty old and has smoked his whole life basically and he coughs! and it always makes us laugh because he just sounds like a pirate and it will be while we are getting ready for the day and we hear this ARGGGGGGHHHH sound coming through the walls and it just makes us laugh! 

Some exciting news is that our investigator Jesica is going to be baptized on Saturday!!!!! :) She is so sweet and so ready! We love her to death and she is just such a happy person! She is going to be great! 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all! 

Love Hermana Armstrong

P.S. the First picture is my first whats called an alfajor! its basically like the better version of a oreo! Its got caramel inbetween 3 layers of cookies and all dipped in chocolate! Argentina knows how to do desserts! They are so good!!! 

The second picture is me with the little card that they give you to go to the temple dedication! 

The last picture is what we bought today for food for only 45 pesos the conversion rate would put that at about $4.50! We were reallly excited!!!! :)

The Church is True!! 

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