Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 21st

Feliz día de primavera acá en Argentina!!! :)

Well like the caption says we are staying super busy!!! We have been having some awesome lessons with members and it is incredible to feel the love and the support of the members!!! We have an investigator that came to church this week! WE were really excited for her to come!! We had a great lesson with her the other day and now we are helping her prepare for baptism for the 3 of october! Which isnt that far away! Yikes when people say that times flies in the mission they arent kidding! haha

This week we are going to have an appartment!!!!!! WOOOOO!! We are so excited to leave this little hotel! haha and finally be able to have a place of our own!!! :) 

Its starting to get warmer here! haha We are doing fine here! but its going to be a lot of fun! haha especially since we are the most north town in the mission! haha we are closer to the mission corrientes than we are in our own mission home! haha 

But all in all we are all doing great here in Feliciano! I hope that you all are doing well!!! :)

Hermana Armstrong

We found a milagro here in Feliciano....... THEY HAVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!! YEAAHHHHH!!!!!! :) 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 14

First of all  i want to thank you all for your birthday wishes!! I feel a little old!! haha chiste! But it was a lot of fun! We had an asado and ate a lot!!!! So what could be better? haha but thank you for your birthday wishes it was a fun day! The Elders here were nice and bought us ice cream!! :)

This week we had a lot of help from members and we had awesome lessons!!! 

Sorry i dont have much time this week because we have a lot to do!!! :)
But i love you all and hope all is well!!!

These photos are from a family and they have a ton of animals and we got to hold a duck and pet the calf that is a day old!!! 

And this is the Abuela of the whole city basically!! haha
The Church is True!! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 8th

Yes that is the name of my new area!! :) I did get transferred! It was really hard to leave all of my friends and investigators In Rafaela but I know that Heavenly Father needs me in Feliciano! :)  And it is TINY!!!! like 16 cuadras (its like city blocks) by 16 cuadras!  AND! We share the area with a set of elders! haha so really we are going to have about 16 square blocks of our area! haha but what is really cool is that we are the first sisters in this area! :) so there is always a story about how the mission president decides to open an area and ours is really really awesome! So because this area is so tiny they elders here one of them is branch president! and as a companionship the elders have been praying that President Perez would send another set of missionaries here! Especially sisters because we can help so many people here! Well President Perez came to Feliciano and asked the elders what they think if he sent sisters here! They elders were astonished and said that it has been what they have been praying for! And so i got to talk to president about the transfers because he came to Rafaela and we were talking and he told me that the area is very beautiful and that the people here are wonderful and that he told me that when he got here he had such a stong impression that he needs sisters here that this branch needs sisters! So Im really excited to be apart of an answer to their prayers and that I can meet and help so many people here! 

My new companion is AWESOME!!! her name is Hermana Robledo! She is from Bolivia originally but has lived in Buenos Aires for a while so.... I HAVE A LATINA COMPANION!!!!! YAY!!!!!! :D im so excited!!!! She is wonderful and has a lot of energy and we are going to help so many people!!! :)

Another thing about our area! We dont exactly have a house or an appartment............ Haha and so we are living in a hotel... Sounds awesome but it brings its own hardships like we dont have a fridge...... so we cant keep food! haha and we cant cook our own food because we dont have a kitchen.... hahaha oh and we dont have a cellphone! hahahaha Im pretty sure this change was a shock to everyone because there is nothing set up for us! haha but its going great there are so many wonderful people here!!! Im so excited to start and This area is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! its a lot like home minus the mountains! haha its very country and lots of trees and I Just LOVE IT already!!! 

But this transfer has really strengthen my testimony that Our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and that he knows us individually and knows how to help us when we struggle!!! Its been so great to have served in Rafaela but im in Feliciano and that is where im supposed to be to help this branch grow!! 

i love you all and hope that everything is well with you all!!! :) I hope you have a great week!!! :)

Hermana Armstrong

Bienvenidas a Feliciano!!! haha

Mi nueva compañera

Our kitchen!!!! hahaha 

The Church is True!! 

August 31st

Well summer is approaching! Its starting to get pretty warm here! Some times it feels really nice that you can go out and theres a nice breeze then other times usually around noon its just really hot! haha and its pretty humid here and so its not a dry heat is like a muggy heat! so its been fun! so here comes the times where eveyone here feels bad for the missionaries! haha but its really not that bad and its just going to keep getting hot and so im trying to enjoy where it feels good that its nice and warm! haha but im getting the really nice sister missionary tan line on my legs and my feet! haha but our weeks been good otherwise!
I went to Rosario this week to do some paperwork for my visa that was fun! Got to go to one of the new appartments for the sisters! The new mission presidents wife is really cracking down on the sisters appartments and the regulations for them! So theres a lot of sisters that are moving out and some of the new appartments are really nice!  :)
Our investigator pool is small but we are still working hard at finding those who are ready and willing to let us in! Our investigators la familia Barrios are still going!! WE are still really excited for them! Its been hard the past couple weeks satan has really been working hard on them and we are helping them work through the walls that they are finding! But they are a great family and we have a lot of hope for them!!! they are really our only investigators right now that are progressing! Our others are going along but have a hard time keeping their commitments.... so we are going to see! :)
Well that is all thats really happened this week!! I hope that all is well with everyone and that you will have a great week!! Also this coming week is transfers........ and so my next pday will be tuesday! So i will talk to you all on tuesday and see if im still in Rafaela or if Heavenly Father wants me somewhere else.... 
I hope you all know i love you!! And hope all is well!! :)
La Hermana Armstrong
There is some awesome grafitti here!!!! :)  So we have to take a picture of course!!
Then Kit Kats are new to Argentina so also had to take a picture!!! :) 

August 24th

This week was just a little crazy! Well the beginning of it and then it kind of slowed down but still was a little insane!

To start off we spent last tuesday in santa fe doing things for my visa and so then we lost a little bit of time that way and then I get to go to Rosario to do other things for my visa that we cant do in Santa Fe! Fun!!! haha but its going to be good! oh and we ran out of money this past week! haha that was an adventure!! We have gone to santa fe 3 times in the past 3 weeks! haha but no worries we were able to recieve more for this week and so its all going to be good! 

Oh you have got to love the honesty of little kids! We went by a house and clapped at the gate and the youngest daughter came out and told us that her mom was in the shower we were talking to her as the grandma came out really angry that we were there and told us that the mom wasnt home and to leave stuff like that and the daughter turned around and yelled at the grandma "yeah shes home dont lie shes in the shower!" it was really funny! :) It gave us a good smile from a rejection like that! haha 

our investigators that we have arent really progressing..... this week was a little sad because it was the first in a while where we had no investigators at church! so that was a little dissappointing! But we are continuaing to work with them! 

the rest of our week wasnt very exciting! haha but it was still good! :)

I hope all is well with all of you! 

I love you all!

Hermana Armstrong

The Church is True!! 

August 17th

Hola!! :)

This week has been really quick! Its crazy how quick time flies by!!! I hope everyone is doing okay with all the fires! I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!!

This week! well  where to begin.... we kind of had a slow week! We had one day where my comp was sick and so we didnt go out that day, then we had a great meeting in Santa Fe with Elder Viñas of the seventy come and talk to us and that was really great!! We talked a lot about the atonement!! It was reallly good to get to study and learn more about how the atonement works in my life! I encourage you all to do the same to really ponder about what our Savior Jesus Christ did for us and how because of his sacrifice we can become better!!! It will change the meaning of the atonement! I know it did for me! :)

We have a great new family that ugh they are seriously so great!  I think i talked about them last week! Rita y Oscar!! They are serisouly the!!! This week we were able to pass by twice! It was awesome! They are a really close family! The parents and their kids all get together every sunday for sunday dinner! They have told their whole family about us and how they really like us! They have even invited us to their crazy family dinners on sunday! :) Its really great to see that the gospel makes sense for people! It also helps that they have had some examples of faithful members to show what we believe!! That really really helps because they can know that it isnt just us telling them what we believe but it helps that they have friends who really lived the gospel! But through them as well we have found a less active family!! haha and so we are working with them as well! The problem is that they just live so so so so so far away!! haha but they are awesome!

Well i hope all is well with everyone! I love you all!!! :) Keep on being the awesome people you are!!!!! :)

Con amor,
Hermana Armstrong

We got to use bikes this week!! It was a huge blessing as you can see our area isnt all that big but when you have to walk its really big! but the only downside to using bikes in a skirt is that your skirt sometimes gets a little dirty! Then when you look at the bikes its a wonder that only your skirt gets a little dirty and not the whole skirt itself!!! haha but its okay! WE finally found someone that is willing to wash our clothes for us!!! HUGE BLESSING!!!! okay gross note but its so true! When you wash by hand its not that gross! but here as a missionary if it doesnt smell and if it doesnt have too many stains on it its okay to keep wearing it! haha just because washing by hand is actually really hard and no one likes to do it! haha and so there have been some clothes that i havent washed since i came to Argentina..... Ew Gross i know but hey they didnt have stains and they didnt stink.....Too bad.... haha but now they are like new clothes! Its really great to have washing machines!! haha :) but we are really thankful for members that help us with our clothes! Because on pday the last thing you want to do is have to wash by hand! Especially now because it rains and rains and rains! haha 

but i hope all is well!!! :) Love you all!