Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 31st

Well summer is approaching! Its starting to get pretty warm here! Some times it feels really nice that you can go out and theres a nice breeze then other times usually around noon its just really hot! haha and its pretty humid here and so its not a dry heat is like a muggy heat! so its been fun! so here comes the times where eveyone here feels bad for the missionaries! haha but its really not that bad and its just going to keep getting hot and so im trying to enjoy where it feels good that its nice and warm! haha but im getting the really nice sister missionary tan line on my legs and my feet! haha but our weeks been good otherwise!
I went to Rosario this week to do some paperwork for my visa that was fun! Got to go to one of the new appartments for the sisters! The new mission presidents wife is really cracking down on the sisters appartments and the regulations for them! So theres a lot of sisters that are moving out and some of the new appartments are really nice!  :)
Our investigator pool is small but we are still working hard at finding those who are ready and willing to let us in! Our investigators la familia Barrios are still going!! WE are still really excited for them! Its been hard the past couple weeks satan has really been working hard on them and we are helping them work through the walls that they are finding! But they are a great family and we have a lot of hope for them!!! they are really our only investigators right now that are progressing! Our others are going along but have a hard time keeping their commitments.... so we are going to see! :)
Well that is all thats really happened this week!! I hope that all is well with everyone and that you will have a great week!! Also this coming week is transfers........ and so my next pday will be tuesday! So i will talk to you all on tuesday and see if im still in Rafaela or if Heavenly Father wants me somewhere else.... 
I hope you all know i love you!! And hope all is well!! :)
La Hermana Armstrong
There is some awesome grafitti here!!!! :)  So we have to take a picture of course!!
Then Kit Kats are new to Argentina so also had to take a picture!!! :) 

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