Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th

Well happy new years!!!! 2015 has been a good year and now we have a new year in front of us full of new hope and new goals that we can accomplish! still i havent done my goals...oops... but i will be doing some this next week!! haha i keep you updated on my goals!! but hey if anyone has any ideas about some good goals im all ears!! haha or i guess it would be eyes since im able to read them haha! 

Well i hope that you all had a great week! ours was a really hot and it was definetly a memorable one!! for new years we were able to go to a members house and eat with them! they did another asado for us!! that was awesome!! we ate like kings and queens (the elders where with us as well) and then we got to watch some really pretty fireworks!!! They did a really good job on the fireworks and it was a very fun way to bring in the new year!! 

we were able to find a few more people that we can teach which is always a wonderful thing as we are running low on people to teach and it was a blessing to find them after we had a lot of rejection this week!! so it helped us know that after the rejections and all the nos there is someone that will say yes to us!! haha 

today i studied the talk approaching the throne of God with confidence and was reminded that we determine our happiness!! we determine our situations!! and i want to invite you all to read the talk again!! you can find the talk in this link:

well i hope that you all have a wonderful week!! I love you al!! also next week is transfers and so i will be emailing on tuesday next week!! 

Hermana Armstrong

So yeah i did get a little burnt this week.... haha but its already gone!! thank goodness for essential oils!! haha

A cool lantern that some kids put up for the new year!! 

annnnndddd we got caught out in the rain.... #ourlife haha

December 28th

well it does seem crazy but yes this week is the final days of 2015!!! WHAT? where did time fly?? Its been a wonderful year!! im hapy to say that i have   enjoyed this year! here  down south the  new year is really big so it  will be interestin!!   lots of people drinkin and out in the streets!! dont worry we will be safe!! :)

Down here we are doing great!! haha toughing out heat!!! haha but its fine!! haha we are supposed to recieve some rain soon!! so hopefully things are coolin off!!! 

The work is progressing slowly but surely!!! :) This week we found a nice lady who is listening to  us and so we are working with her like crazy!!! haha she  was our miracle this week!!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!!! I love  you all and i will talk to you next year!!!! :) hahahaha 

Hermana A