Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th

Well I made it to Argentina!!! :) Its the best here! The food and the people are so fantastic!!! I love it!

So I got to Argentina on Tuesday around 9:30 or so and then we finally got through customs that was fun! haha anyway by the time that we got out of the airport it was like 10:30, so then we took a bus and we drove about 4 hours to Rosario to the mission home and i got to meet my mission president! He and his wife are so great! They dont speak any english but are such great people! They love the missionaries and love to help in anyway they can! 

Wednesday, I got to meet my trainer! Hermana Randall, She´s from Nevada and is the best ever! We are a lot a like and we just have a lot of fun! We left the mission home and went to our new area which is called Rafaela! It is so beautiful! Although, it meant that we had to take yet another bus! This one was like 3.5 hours or so! I am loving this area the people here are super helpful and love the missionaries!

Thursday, we got to work! :) We met with a lady named Graciela! She is so cute she loves the church and loves our visits! However, she loves her church a little more. She´s really sweet though! She loves The Book of Mormon and loves everything about the church but she doesnt see why she needs to change! We also met with a man named Nestor, he´s this little old man or (Viajito) and is a less active member that we are working with to bring him back to church! 

Friday, we met with a couple named Raul and Jesica! Raul is a recent convert and Jesica has been waiting to join the church because she wanted to know for herself and didnt want to join just because Raul did, Anyway during our lesson with her she asked if she could be baptized!!! She had finally recieved her answer that she should be baptized and we will be planning her baptism for the 23rd of may!!! That was so exciting!! :) We also made three new contacts this day! So all in all it was a great day! Something really funny that happened was we had lunch with Hermana Stoffel and her daughter! Our security rules have just changed because of areas getting more dangerous and so we asked them which areas we should avoid and so forth. Towards the end of our meeting her daughter pulls out her pepper spray can and tells us why we should get one and exlains how to use it. well while she is explaining it she pushes the can and  out comes this bright orange fluid that goes all over the door! it was so funny but as she cleans it up the fumes come over us and we all just start coughing and our eyes tear up and everything! it was hilarious!! 

Saturday, This was a great day too! We met 3 more contacts and talked with some less actives inviting them to church and did a lot of walking this day! It was really great! The contacts we met two of them were friends and they are evangilist and they were really just quizzing what we believed but it was really cool because the one friend kept on flipping through the pamphlet we gave him and would answer some of the questions his friend had! That was really awesome to see! Something funny that happened this day was i came to the realization that i have gained some weight! hahaha no not really i just have been using a really old rusty chair and it finally broke! it was so funny we were doing studies and we heard this pop and i felt like i was falling but it was so slow so i didnt really realize it! haha and then i landed on the floor! haha It was really funny!!

Sunday, It was Mother´s day!!! It was so great to see and talk to family! I loved being able to talk with you all! :) In sacrament meeting i was asked to come up and bear my testimony! That was fun! Everyone has been complimenting me on how well i speak spanish which is such a huge blessing! Its so nice to hear native spanish speakers tell me that my spanish is really good! Its a nice confidence booster! haha 

Today, Well today was my first p-day! So which means i get to wash my laundry by hand!!! :) haha There arent really washing machines here in Argentina so my washing maching is a bucket! hahaha its definitely an experience! haha but i love it!

I love it here in Argentina the people are great and the food is awesome!! 

Well i love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week!! :)

below are some pictures the first one is our shower on the lower left hand corner is our toliet and then the shower head is up on the top! There´s no tub and so we shower right next to the sink and the toliet! haha but we do have hot water! That is fantastic!! Its really the little things that can make one so happy!! haha also my bucket that i use to wash clothes and :) and also the broken seat! hahaha

I love you all,
Hermana Armstrong
The Church is True!! 
*Side note... her pictures wouldn't download... so I promise I'm not just keeping them for myself. ;)

Mother's Day Call

I'm going to sum up the conversation held by Hermana Armstrong and her parents and family.....

She is LOVING it. She was so happy, laughing, excited, and overall pumped to be in Rafaela with her companion who hails from Nevada and speaks both english and spanish. :)

She bore her testimony in Spanish and she sounds great.... castellano and all! :)

She has already helped contact people in the street and they have an investigator who has a baptism date set. Her companion and her are teaching a few people and have a list of investigators which is awesome.

She has had some amazing tasty food and has started learning about markets and shopping.

She has learned there are bugs... mosquito's mostly from the sounds of it... and has seen many stay horses.

She has experienced bus rides and long trips on them, and says the scenery is amazing.

She sounds super happy and so excited to be in Argentina. She loves being a missionary and it is very apparent when she speaks.

Here are some pics from skyping! Don't mind the gawking faces in the corner... ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 5th

Hey Mom and Dad,
I made it! All is well! Argentina is beautiful, its been a really pretty day, nice and cool, My mission president is awesome,so is his wife! They dont speak english but its all good they are great people, It´s hard to understand the people when they speak and it is a little frustrating but its okay! Ill get it someday! :) I love you both and i cant wait to talk to you on sunday! It was really good to hear your voices! I hope all is well right now its about 6:20 PM! Well I got to go, but i just wanted to let you know i made it alright! I love you! Talk to you on thursday to set up a time! Start thinking now of what time you want me to call and let me know by thursday! Write me on Wednesdaythat we dont have to worry about the time difference. Alrighty, I´ll talk to you then!Love you!

Always and forever,

Hermana Armstrong