Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 5th

Hey Mom and Dad,
I made it! All is well! Argentina is beautiful, its been a really pretty day, nice and cool, My mission president is awesome,so is his wife! They dont speak english but its all good they are great people, It´s hard to understand the people when they speak and it is a little frustrating but its okay! Ill get it someday! :) I love you both and i cant wait to talk to you on sunday! It was really good to hear your voices! I hope all is well right now its about 6:20 PM! Well I got to go, but i just wanted to let you know i made it alright! I love you! Talk to you on thursday to set up a time! Start thinking now of what time you want me to call and let me know by thursday! Write me on Wednesdaythat we dont have to worry about the time difference. Alrighty, I´ll talk to you then!Love you!

Always and forever,

Hermana Armstrong

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