Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Call

I'm going to sum up the conversation held by Hermana Armstrong and her parents and family.....

She is LOVING it. She was so happy, laughing, excited, and overall pumped to be in Rafaela with her companion who hails from Nevada and speaks both english and spanish. :)

She bore her testimony in Spanish and she sounds great.... castellano and all! :)

She has already helped contact people in the street and they have an investigator who has a baptism date set. Her companion and her are teaching a few people and have a list of investigators which is awesome.

She has had some amazing tasty food and has started learning about markets and shopping.

She has learned there are bugs... mosquito's mostly from the sounds of it... and has seen many stay horses.

She has experienced bus rides and long trips on them, and says the scenery is amazing.

She sounds super happy and so excited to be in Argentina. She loves being a missionary and it is very apparent when she speaks.

Here are some pics from skyping! Don't mind the gawking faces in the corner... ;)

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