Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30th

I did get my flight plans!!! FINALLY!!!! :D I will fly out of Salt Lake City Monday at 2:05PM and then get to Atlanta at 7:52 and then i leave Atlanta at 10:00 and then get to Argentina at 9:00 then next morning!!!! :) I was made Travel leader for our group! Luckily its only the other two elders in our group and then one more elder! ( Elder Jones) 

I have no idea on my visa, but i havent heard anything about going somewhere different so i am thinking ill be okay! 

We got our new district yesterday!!! Thats been so great!!! :) 

On tuesday i sprained my ankle pretty good and was on crutches for that day and now i am just walking on it! its not too fun to have had to use crutches when I live on the fourth floor and my classroom is on the third floor of a different building with no elevators! So its definitely been an adventure! haha But its been healing pretty quick! So that's been a huge blessing!! 

Im so ready to leave but kinda nervous!! But hey i just have to keep reminding myself that its all going to work out! 

Advice for the MTC: Learn to laugh! Choose to be happy!!! and LOVE the people!!! Everyone is here to help!!! :)

Our Sunday devo was vai sikahema! It was so good he talked a lot on how to teach people not lessons! 

Our Tuesday devo was Donald Hallstrom of the 70! He talked about the importance of obedience and the relationship with our mission president!! 

We hit our month mark on Friday it is so crazy to think that we've been here for a month already! 

Well i love you all!! I hope all is well!! Next time i talk to you all ill be in Argentina!!! :)

Love Hermana Armstrong

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