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April 24, 2015

Hi Family & Friends~
Okay Today is the start of my week number 5!!! It is insane how time has dragged on and yet flown by!!
I had a really cool experience this past week! We were teaching our "investigator" Chava, who is our teacher Hermano Rasmussen. Anyway, It was so wonderful we had such a great lesson! I can truly testify that the gift of tongues is so real!!! It was an amazing experience to have! I knew I didn't know all the words that I told "Chava" and it was so great to see that Heavenly Father will help us if we let the Holy Ghost guide the lesson!
Even though our investigators here are fake we still have come to love each of them so much!! We have this one investigator her name is Ivelisse and she is the one who hasn't come open with us to say that she is a member but we kinda figured it out when during one of our lessons we were teaching The Plan of Salvation and was talking about the Atonement and we asked her what it would mean to her to know that she could repent, she then proceeded to bear her testimony of how she knows repentance is real! It was kinda funny! haha
Also this week we had to do a language assessment! That went Okay! haha thats really the only word to describe it! It was not very nice! haha it made me feel really down about my language skills but hey im not expected to know everything by the end of the 6 weeks here!
We saw the mormon message, "You don't know the good you can do" I love that video!! we applied to how us a missionaries shouldnt ever be so busy that we miss someone that the Lord has put in our way to talk to! We also were told this story, "One day as these sisters are getting ready to go out and talk to their investigators they hear a knock at the door, Its the Elders they told the sisters how their bikes had just broke and the felt like they needed to use the sisters bikes. After some talking and convincing the sisters gave the elders their bikes. As the sisters leave their apartment they hear this woman who runs to the sisters and says, 'sisters i see you leave your apartment everyday and i try to get you to stop but you're just too fast on your bikes..." May we never be to busy to notice someone that Heavenly Father has put in our way!
Sundays are the bomb here at the MTC!! This week we heard from President and sister Johnson He's a district president! We talked a lot about teaching people not lessons and how its easy to lose the trust of your investigators and the members and more importantly the Lord! When we arent obedient to the commandments the Lord has given us we are losing His trust!
So if anyone has read the blog Hippie to Missionary! Its a great blog and always has uplifting messages on it! Anyway, the elder the started the blog is here at the MTC and i actually ran into him! It was pretty awesome!! It was really cool to meet somewhat of a instagram celebrity! haha
Tomorrow we are supposed to get our travel plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you cant tell im pretty excited!!!! smile emoticon Im so excited for them!!! smile emoticon Also if anyone wants to send letters please send them before the 27th of April. Letters take about a week to get to me! Its a little ridiculous! haha
Do you remember the talk in General Conference where the speaker used music?? Well he was our speaker for our tuesday night devotional!! smile emoticon It was really good! He used a story about his sister. His sister was majoring in music and wanted to learn more about bach, her professor told her that if you want to learn more about bach you need to play his music. Just like us if we want to learn more about The Savior we need to play His "music" or in other words do as he would do!
Thank you for all your support and love! I love you all!!! smile emoticon
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Armstrong

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