Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16th - Transfers!!!!

Hola everyone,
Well transfers came and went that is why my pday is on tuesday! But i get to stay in our pueblito Rafaela for another transfer but my companion got transferred out! :(  A little sad but i have a great companion! :) Hermana Thornton from wait for it.................... SPOKANE WASHINTON!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!  But this means that im going to be in the Argentina Santa fe mission!!! That´s going to be a lot of fun! :) Im excited to meet presidente Perez and his wife! Im just not really excited to say goodbye to Presidente Zanni y Hermana Zanni :( 
This week we had an awesome visit with a reference that our Zone leaders gave us! They are fantastic their names are Angel  and Martha! They are so ready! Its fantastic! They loved the restoration and love how our church is! They have a couple friends in our branch and just love the standards of the church! Its been really great to teach them we have a meeting with them this saturday but its the same day as a goodbye activity we have with Presidente Zanni! So we will have to swing bye and reschedule! 
This week has been kind of slow! We have a lot of investigators that arent progressing and so we are kind of in the process of finding more and trying to excite the others to progress so its been kind of slow here but there are a lot of areas that we can try! Im excited!!
I love you all and love this gospel and I know that it can bless so many lives and so many families! 
Hermana Armstrong
p.s. Sorry there arent any pictures i couldnt get it to work! but i love you all So much!!! :)
The Church is True!! 

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