Monday, August 10, 2015

July 6th

Hola!! :)

We havent met with our mission president yet, but we have a meeting with him tomorrow!! :) he sounds really interesting! haha he was military and was a prision guard sort of thing so its going to be interesting to see what changes he makes! Presidente Zanni was pretty strict as well and made a lot of changes but its going to be fun! :) 

Our weather is really cold! Sometimes! It really depends on the day but mostly its cold! And its humid so it makes it worse and the rapid changes is making a lot of people sick here! But its always really hard to get out of bed because its so cold in our pensiĆ³n! haha i feel like im in a totally different time period that everyone else because emails that i get from you all are about how hot it is and all these wildfires! Yikes and here its freezing!! haha its really weird! 

This week was..... wellll i dont want to say terrible but really it was! it was a week of not very many citas! :( and the american cup championship happened this week and so there was literally NO ONE! It was Argentina VS. Chile, and so no one wanted to talk to us first of all and then Argentina lost! So after no one really wanted to talk to us! *Background information* Argentina and chile have a huge beef with eachother there was a war in the past and things didnt end well. So to have argentina lose to Chile was the worst! haha and then no one came to church! usually we are a strong 45! That was last week! We were so excited because our investigators came last sunday and inactive members came and so we had hopes for this week but we had only 28 people in the church this week! That can tell you that this week has been rough not only for us but for our members and investigators as well! But it is a new week and have high hopes for this coming week! We are in the process of trying to find new investigators because our investigators now are hitting walls and some no longer want to take the lessons! So we will be clapping at a lot of doors/gates! (In Argentina you dont knock but you clap outside gates) 

But this week had its ups! We ate at two different Asados this week!!! It was fantastic!! Ugh i love it when members want to feed us!! haha we also got to paint a house this week! That helped our spirits a lot this week plus we got fed really well this week! haha 

But I hope that you all have a SAFE and a great week! Im sorry to hear about all the fires again! Stay safe!! I love you all!

Hermana Armstrong
The Church is True!! 

Our two different asados

Our street during the futbol game!! There was no one!!! the streets were empty! hahaha


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