Monday, August 10, 2015

July 20th

Okay to start off with the subject line! The District is basically a tutorial on how to be a missionary but its like a picture perfect scenerios. But this week we had a investigator who told us,¨So when can i get baptized? It was the best!!!!!! :D We were so excited!! There are a few problems though! She´s living with her boyfriend and they have a kid together and want to have more kids but they dont actually love each other! yeah you read that right! haha but she is really great and so is her family!! They are so much fun they are originally from Paraguay! And during our lesson they started talking in guatanee(??? Spelling? its like a tribal language of Paraguay) when they couldnt explain it in spanish! That was pretty fun! haha but they really are so much fun to work with and she loves the gospel!! 
This week we went to Jesica and Rauls house for lunch and their daughter is a little sassy but sooooo cute! So my companion askes Jesica how she made the fruit salad (because everyone here makes their salads different) and Pauli (the daughter she´s 5) answers, with fruits no más! haha 
This week is transfers and so we will get to find out if we are staying or if there is going to be a change!!!! So my pday will be on tuesday next week! but time really has gone by so fast!!!! It is crazy!! 
Well, i hope everyone has a great week and know that I love you all!!! :) 
La Hermana Armstrong
The first picture is of a great friend se llama Magali Rohrmann! The baby isnt hers and everyone calls the baby chanchi which means pig in spanish! Its so funny the terms of endearment here are definitly something that you need to have a tough skin for! hahaha 
The second is Pauli! She is just the best!!
 the last one is Raul and Jesica when we did a family home evening with them about diligence and enduring to the end! The game where you start with the oreo on your forhead and try to get it to your mouth without your hands its so much fun!! :)

The Church is True!! 

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