Monday, August 10, 2015

August 3rd

Hola!!! :)

I hope that everyone is doing well!!! and that this week was good to everyone!! 

our week was really great! We had a lot of miracles that happened this week! The past couple of weeks we have had problems with communication with our leaders in the branch here but this week everything has changed!! Its been really great to see this change and it helps us to know that we have their support and that all is well! 

great well we have a few miracles this week and our first one was at the beginning of the week! So we have a less active member whose name is Juan,and  well he is missing a foot! yeah and lives like super far from the church! so he usually has a ride to church but then he has been feeling like he is more of a burden than anything else and so he tries to be independant but cant. He doesnt have the means to do so and he physically cant! and so one day he had just had a really bad day and has just been really hard on himself like we all do one day or another and called us and told us he wasnt coming to church anymore and that he was going to donate all his books back to the church, etc... and so we went to go meet with him and frankly told him that he cant deny what he knows to be true. He finally came around and told us that once he gets his money (like a retirement fund) he will come back to church! but he doesnt want anyone to come and pick him up and doesnt want anyone to help out with the taxi. He was expecting that the time to get his money would be like in two or three months. Well the very next day he gets a call from the bank and they told him to come in and that they have his money for his retirement!!! It was fantastic!!!

another miracle, our investigators la familia Barrios the boyfriend is finally thinking about getting married!!! This is a miracle for us because before he didnt want anything to do with marriage but now he has plans to save money so they can go to Paraguay to get married(they are originally from there) so that his brother and her dad can be there when the get married!!! :) We are really excited for them!!! :)

last miracle that happened this week! Another less active member, whose name is Anita, this lady is awesome!!!!!! She is really fantastic!! She has had the hardest life I have known! She met the missionaries and was baptized but her husband wanted nothing to do with it! well he finally had a change of heart and was baptized in january, well october of the same year he passed away of cancer! It was super sudden and was like one month they found the cancer and the next he passed away! Its been really hard for her to find closure! But anyway she finally came to church!!!!!!!! :D the second time she has come to church since ive been here!!! But what is really crazy is that the missionary that baptized her is a relative of the mission president here!!!! And so when he came for the other branch that shares our building he got her address and went and saw her!!! I think that was a game changer for her! And also, because both us and the elders from the other branch went and saw her throughout this week unplanned and was just spur of the moment! We all told her how much she is needed here! She knows like EVERYONE!!! Which is great she can help us with all our less active members!!

Well i hope everyone has a great week!!! I want to share that I know miracles happen!!! It may be hard to see but miracles really do happen! Big and small!!! :) 

I love you all!! 

Hermana Armstrong
Our activity that we had this past week! (Im standing next to our investigator la hermana Victoria (soon-to-be) Barrios!) 

Ummm free living spider when you purchase q-tips! Grrrrrreeeeeeaaaattttttt.... 

One of the prettiest plazas that is in our area!!! There are a lot here!!! :)

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