Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10th

Hola everyone!! :)

Well I have experienced my first really big rain storm in Argentina! Yesterday! :) it hasnt rained here for about 6 months and so everything flooded!!!!! We were about midcalf in water walking in some streets and just soaked! haha but the worst part is here everyone is home but no one wants to let you in!!! haha Its terrible! In about 2 hours we ran out of our plans for the day! Everyone was home but they didnt want to let us in! haha so we decided to go to a members house that we know they would let us in! haha and they did! but they just started yelling at us! why? because we were soaked and dirty and they told us that we shouldnt be out here when its raining like this! haha the hermano was really really close to calling Presidente Perez to tell him that he shouldnt let us out when its raining like it did yesterday! haha Our appartment didnt flood but we were preparing for it! haha but they let us in and made us switch skirts with la hermana and coats and they drove us (they are one of the 3 families in our branch that have a car) to our appointment (our last appointment of the day) and then once our appointment was over they told us to call them and they were going to drive us home! it was quite an experience!! It continued to rain until midnight and so by morning the water was gone! (mostly) haha 

we found a really great family this week that we are really excited about Rita and Oscar! They are contacts and it turns out that they are really good friends with some less actives that we have here! Its been really great to know this family! They actually remembered our appointment and were waiting with food for us! This is a big deal! A lot of people dont remember our appointments! but they have a big family and are really close! We have a lot of hope for them! 

Our other investigators are still progressing and it is so cool to see!! :)

Im so gratful to be here and am so excited to be a missionary!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! :)

Hermana Armstrong

unfortunatly i didnt get a picture of the rain but we went to santa fe this week and got to see the new offices of the mission!! :)

this is our wonderful oven that we use! The front is slit in half and we are in the process of getting it fixed but its really funny!! haha 

The Church is True!! 

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