Friday, December 25, 2015

September 28th

Well we thought that this week we were going to get an appartment but no.... But its okay because tomorrow we will have an appartment! :) So its all good! The Elder from the offices couldnt come the last time because there was a miscommunication between us and him and so he didnt come but hopefully he can come up tonight and we can move in tomorrow! The problem is that they cant bring everything so its not super easy because we are a long way away form the offices and so they have to come here and buy all the furniture and everything like that! But we got to see pictures of the appartment and it is going to be really nice!!!! :) We are excited that finally we can move out of the hotel! After 3 weeks in the hotel we are really ready to leave!!! haha But its been an adventure!!!

This week has been pretty good!!! The members of the branch here had the awesome opportunity to go to the temple in Buenos Aires!!! It was fantastic to hear about their stories! It was the first time that the whole branch had the opportunity to go! And one couple was able to be sealed for time and eternity!!! :) It was really special moment for everyone!!! There were youth as well that went and did baptisms! There were a few that also went to the temple for the first time! This was a miracle that happened here! It was a miracle that everyone that was planning on going could go and it was a miracle that their bus worked and everything! it really strengthed everyone´s testimonies! It was a wonderful sunday to hear all about their stories and their testimonies!!! :)

I love you all! We are doing good here in Feliciano and hopefully next week you will be able to see all of our awesome pictures of our new appartment!!! :) 

Hermana Armstrong

Your typical selfie!! ;) haha 

This is edgardo! Him and his wife got sealed this past week and went through the temple for the first time!!!! :)


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