Friday, December 25, 2015

October 20th

This week was transfers but there were no changes in my world or for the elders here in Feliciano!!!! We were all pretty happy about that!!!:) But this week we werent able to work as much because my companion got sick and so we had to stay in the appartment for a couple days but i took advantage of that time and washed ALL of my clothes it was fantastic!!! :) I was so happy to have clean clothes hahaha but i am ready to get back out and find those people here in Feliciano!!! 

They have been remolding the church here in Feliciano and Friday of last week they put up the plaque of the church!!! It was really awesome to see how excited the people were to see the plaque go up!!!!! The branch here is really special every Friday we have a Family home evening here in the church and its always so fantastic!!! The people here are so very special!!! They are so in tune spiritually and always are willing to share the gospel with all of their friends!! Its so fun and great to be a missionary here!! :) 

I love the talk that was given in Conference about ponderizing scriptures and i have been doing it as i have been reading and this week i really have liked the scripture in Alma 29:9!! Its one of my favorites!!! :) 

I love the gospel and am so excited to be a missionary here in feliciano!!! There are so many great things about this area!!! So many special people!!! 

I love you all and hope that all is well !!! Know that you all are in my prayers!! :) 

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