Friday, December 25, 2015

November 9th

Hola everyone!! :) 

I hope that this email finds you all well!! :) This week was really good! We are having a blast here in the heat! haha Im getting nice and red! haha not too bad but from walking from a house to ours i did get a little burnt! haha The sun is really strong right now and especially about 12-4! But its okay we are taking care of ourselves and so you dont need to worry!! 

this week was really good we had a really cool activity this week where we did a church tour type of thing haha in spanish its called capilla abierta! haha and its where we open the doors of the church and everyone is invited to come and tour and the members talk about what we do in the church and what its like! It was really fun!! Well at the beginning we were a little nervouse because no one showed up but then our president of the branch which happens to be my district leader as well... told us to take the youth that were there and go and contact and bring in anyone we could go find! it was a lot of fun!! we went on divisions and so i had a young woman as my companion and my real companion took another young woman as her companion! It was a lot of fun but a little weird because i wasnt with my real companion! haha but we had a miracle happen!! The young woman that i was with (mariana) and i didnt have too much luck we kept getting no´s and people were being really rude to us which was a little weird because with hermana Robledo people arent even that rude! haha the poor girl was just like this is what its like in the mission?? I told her that some days its like that but after all the no´s and the doors slammed in our faces we always find the person that says yes! And that is what exactly happened!!! It was really cool! We found the cousin of Mariana and she happened to be outside and we started talking to her and she was really interested to come and look at the church! And so we brought her and she took a book of mormon home!!! and was really excited to learn more about the church!! :) So we counted the activity as a success!!! haha

I love being here in the mission!!! Its so much fun and so great even when its hot and you think you might die! haha but there is always the one person that is waiting for us to clap at their door!! :)

I love you all and i hope that you are all well!! :)

Hermana Armstrong

There is a sister here that everyone calls abuela or grandma! and she is my grandma from argentina!! she always takes good care of us!! :) 

The beautiful countryside of Felciano! Haha its one of the only streets that has asphalt! haha none of the streets have asphalt here! mostly dirt roads!

We got to do service this morning and help a lady with her house by constructing a wall! :) it was pretty fun! 

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